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Vinyasa Yoga

In Vinyasa practice we move with the breath from one posture to another, flowing in a dynamic sequence and gradually relaxing until the end of the class.
This flow offers strength, flexibility, concentration, breathwork, you will love it.

Yummy Stretchy Sunday

  • 11 am – 12 pm (París, España, Ámsterdam, Bruselas)
  • 10 am – 11 am (London, Lisbonne)

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a passive, more meditative style of yoga which is a great way to wind down from our ‘busy’ lives as it kicks into our parasympathetic nervous system which; lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, relaxes muscles, helps with digestion, fights infection, increases immunity, releases endorphins just to name a few. Try today for a more healthy and hopefully longer, happier life.

Yin Yoga Tuesdays (60 min class)

  • 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm (Paris, Amsterdam, Brussel)
  • 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm (London, Lisbonne)

Online Class Pricing (60min)

  • Single class 60 mn for 15€
  • 5 classes for 60€ – save 5%
  • 10 classes + 1 free for 100€ – save 11%
  • 20 classes for +2 free 170€ – save 18%


Gentle Gravity Yoga – Private Classes

These private classes are much gentle, they are focused on relaxing the body helping you to gradually become more flexible with the help of gravity.

They are slower and are adapted according to the anatomy and physiology of each person, you can support yourself with props (blocks, blankets, pillows, straps, chairs, walls, or any furniture at home that gives you stability)

Before we start I will ask you to meet online and see what are the points you would like to work on, also learn if you have any injuries that I should be aware of.

You time your rhythm, Yoga is for everyone!


  • Private Class 60 min,

    – 60€ ZOOM
    – 70€ FACE-TO- FACE
    (To book your class you can DM directly @the_vexigan on Instagram)